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Thread: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

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    BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    Before we begin, I'd like to extend my apologies to all the talented artists who entered this contest. It's been a particularly busy summer and my judging duties have been slacking! But the June thread's finally here, and July's results will be up within days!

    As every gamer can tell you, June is E3 month, so the theme for this art contest is all about games from E3. Anything involving a BitF character or characters works with the theme, and we've got quite a few nice entries about upcoming games! So kick back, grab a soda and enjoy a preview of the stuff you'll be playing later this year!

    Artist_in_Training564's Entry

    We begin with the first of several Kirby-related entries--fitting considering everyone's favorite whatever-he-is is starring in two games this fall. Newcomer Artist_in_Training564 delivers a soft color pencil and ink look at Kirby: Return to Dreamland, complete with the titular character leading the gang down a pleasant path while darkness looms in the corners. It's a charming and fun piece and I look forward to more from this artist in training!

    Clandy's Entry

    Clandy returns with more quality work! This time, it's about the DS's Kirby: Mass Attack. What to do when you've got to fight with 9 other versions of yourself for your love's affection? Brawl in the family, that's what! The lack of outlines really helps give this piece a warm quality to it, and the various misfortunes for the Kirby group (I especially feel for the one completely wrapped in bandages) are funny and interesting. Great job once again, Clandy!

    Conrad500's Entry

    Ouch! Conrad's take on Kirby: Mass Attack uses fun wordplay and a battle reminiscent of Contra to give a humorously morbid take on the premise. Dedede's own sucking powers are often overshadowed by Kirby's, but he's definitely been known to be as gluttonous as his rival. The widowed Waddle Dee is a nice touch.

    danstanator97's Entry:

    Worlds collide in this piece paying homage to both The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Mario Kart 7. Mario and Link sure were hitting the skies a lot this E3 weren't they? While Link's bird is having a good time, Link himself looks understandably confused at the ridiculous sight he's beholding. The bright colors and fun expressions make for a lively piece!

    Doofenshmirtz's Entry:

    Okay Doofenshmirtz, I'm gonna have to pick on you for a moment. Far too often we'll get quality images like this that are printed on graph paper or looseleaf paper! Remember guys, starting with a blank canvas is ideal!

    That aside, this is a well-drawn homage to...Phineas and Ferb? Looks like Doofenshmirtz found a loophole, since a Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension game was revealed at E3! So, a fitting entry in the contest, and I like the design choices made with the alternate versions of each character.

    DreamlandDreamer's Entry:

    DreamlandDreamer takes one of the weirdest Kirby conventions and brings it to light in this colorful and clean entry! It looks great and the idea is a lot of fun, as are the little details like Dedede's icon expression. Kirby: Return to Dreamland has brought back the food-sharing concept, so hopefully Dedede packed a toothbrush.

    sevenstitch's Entries:

    Sevenstitch actually made a couple of entries that we liked a lot. Starting from the top, this weird Skyward Sword thing makes me laugh, and I have no idea why. Like...what's even going on!? The bird turned into the boat? What the heck? This piece is just nuts, and I love it for that.

    The second entry is just silly fun and flows well. It makes a little more sense than Link's bizarre flight, and it's just a rather funny homage to Tetris 3DS.

    TheBovine's Entry:

    This is another fun piece of art in "comic" form, and an amusing take on the height of Animal Crossing 3DS's characters as well. I think if the 3-D slider did something like this, I'd be messing with it all day. TheBovine's quality linework and fun sense of humor shine through here...but I'd like a little more color/shading next time, buddy!

    The Brawl Girl's entry:

    Well I feel like if Luigi's Mansion 2 doesn't include a playable Mario, Eario, and perennial-vacuum Kirby, I'm going to be disappointed! At least this entry will always let me imagine what if, with its spooky shading, nifty expressions and great use of characters. Nicely done, The Brawl Girl!

    EDIT: Sorry, I put the wrong name here! Should be fixed now.

    And so ends another contest. Hope to see you guys next time!

    ...Oh right, we need a winner, don't we? Well, I think this month, we've gotta give it toooooo...

    Winner: DreamlandDreamer's Entry!

    The clean execution, great idea and warm color palette of this piece gave us the warm fuzzies one can only get from kissing an emperor penguin. This is actually the artist's first piece for one of these contests, and we want to see more! Excellent work to DreamlandDreamer!
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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    Congratz DreamlandDreamer!

    Really, I think I wasn't anabled to pick a winner out of these.

    Also: Eyegirl? Wasn't it The Brawl Girl who made that entry?

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    O.o Creepy picture is creepy...and awesome.

    Loved all these entries, and I agree; it should have been Clandy, Erygirl, or DreamlandDreamer who won! Luckily it was one of them, so I R HAPPEE.

    In picture related news, I have a feeling Waddle Dee just got some new YouTube material...
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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    Quote Originally Posted by Unaniem View Post
    Also: Eyegirl? Wasn't it The Brawl Girl who made that entry?
    Yeah, That's what I was thinking, too.
    EDIT: Okay it looks fixed now

    Anyways, good job, DreamlandDreamer!
    They all looked pretty good.
    I really liked the Massive Heart Attack.
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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    These were all great entries!

    Congratulations to DreamlandDreamer and all the runner-ups!

    Wow, when Doofie said he would always find a loophole, he wasn't kidding...

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    I won? ...Holy Magikarp! There were so many good entries to go up against!~

    Thanks so much!
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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    What an adorable winner. Hopefully Waddles uploads that on, not Krackotube.dl

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    Nice work DreamlandDreamer.
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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    Oh cool, I'm a runner-up!

    Luckily I never noticed the name mistake sooner.

    Congrats to all of you, and to DreamlandDreamer as well for winning this one. Awesome work, guys!

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    Wowee, A runner up, eh? Not bad, not bad at all. Too bad about my usage of graph paper, it must have really deducted points, eh? Anyways... on with the loop-hole finding for the next contest~

    Also, congrats to DreamlandDreamer! You won this time!

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    Congrats everybody - especially DreamlandDreamer. I love the coloring. :P I wish I could color.

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    CONGRATULATIONARYERS TO ALL YA. HERE'S TO MORE GOOD ART. *Raises a glass of chocolate milk*
    "Nice meme!"

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH! My bro, Artist_in_Training564, made it into the honourable mentions! YAY!
    I don't care so much that I didn't get an honourable mention for this contest; his entry was better than mine, anyway.

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    An honourable mention! Thanks. Now I just got to figure out my next art attempt.

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    Oh my gosh, I almost had a heart attack from looking at the winner's entry. Poor Dedede. He has to deal with Youtube now.

    And vote for us, too! GO METACRATS!

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **June 2011**

    YAY! I'm honored to get mentioned at all! Congrats on all of the entries and the good work.

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